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Salvation bags/Aero garden. By Landan Montiel


 The salvation bags are a little project that my classmates and I started, to help the underprivileged that don't have as much as we do.  This is such a great way to help them without giving them money that they might use for drugs, instead we are giving them healthy snacks and some sweets so they can eat, and water so they could drink.  we also pack glow tracks so they can be closer to God and accept Gods eternal life.


 With a rise in homeless people, this is an excellent idea for you to do with your family, classroom, church, or even by yourself. It is so fun to see their faces when they find out they get to eat something and there is enough for them and their kids/wife/family.


 With our new aero garden, we are growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables. We are thinking about getting a larger system for a community garden so that we can grow even more stuff. Our aero garden uses hydroponics and Led light, resulting in a fast and simple growing process, and developing them this way helps them grow five times faster than the normal growing process.


Salvation bags are a great way to help the needy and an aero garden is a great way to grow a garden. Together it is amazing how big a difference you can make.

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